Fairy Garden in Covered Vase

Indoor and Outdoor Natural Potted Fairy Gardens and Fairy Garden Vases.. We also do lighted accessories by request. Vase orientations for celebrations. Message us for a quote  @FairyGardenGlam@gmail.com
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This Natural based Covered Fairy Garden Vase is $ 40.00 . For a lighted Fairy Garden in this style it is $50.00


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Fairy Glam Fairy Gardens in  Covered Vase $48.00

River Depleted & Water Tainted

troutThe groundwater flow model that has been used in a three year study has shown the impact on water sources ,rivers, and lakes in central Wisconsin. WPR reports “The Little Plover River is about a 21-mile watershed. It was once a great little trout fishery,” he said. “I’m not sure there are any trout left in it now, though.”

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WW1 to Iraq My Men

World War 1 My Great Grandfather (on my mother side)  Martin Alfred Feigum joined the Army February 24, 1918 at the age of 22 . Served until June 4,1919 when he was igGrandpaWW1hat.JPGnjured. Alfred was in the 314 Ammunition Infantry 89th Division.  He drove an ammunition truck in France with the American Expeditionary Forces and took part in several of the major offenses. Continue reading WW1 to Iraq My Men

Wisconsin Water 2X Arsenic Level

In Whitehall Wisconsin one of many western Wisconsin communities with Frac Sand 2017-04-14 (4)Mines. Mike a resident who lives .6 miles away from the local Frac Sand Mine in Trempealeau County. Mike states he has been denied water testing because his property is further then a half mile away.  Mike’s family and friends have taken to Facebook to look for help. Continue reading Wisconsin Water 2X Arsenic Level

Solar Energy Center in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is breaking ground in many more ways then breaking the ground for residents in how they get electricity. WPPI energy which has customers in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Upper Michigan has a purchase agreement for 20 years with the new solar energy center to be built. This will be the largest solar energy center in Wisconsin when construction is complete. Continue reading Solar Energy Center in Wisconsin

Grammas Adventures in Life