7th Generation Stands Firm

While the 7th generation stands firm at #StandingRock ! The new fire and camp is now nodapllights2Oceti Oyate #ocetiOyate .We must remember the struggle is not over! With private messages like this coming to light .December 2016

Re: from Shaun King regarding Standing Rock NoDAPL
Please copy and share:
Dear Friends,
This week I received this email about Standing Rock from someone I verified works inside of the energy industry. Please read it and understand that this fight is not over. It’s not even close. I have redacted only the information that would give away their identity. This is why leaders in Standing Rock asked us to keep Standing Rock as a part of the Injustice Boycott.
See below.
Hi Shaun,
I need this email to be off the record, but I wanted to give you a few insights regarding Standing Rock.
My colleagues and I have a very cynical view of the industry we XXXXXXXXXXX, are well aware of its missteps and can be critical within a certain context, but Standing Rock is horrific even for an industry known for setting the bar low.
Now is not the time to lay down and take the Army Corps of Engineers decision yesterday as a full victory. I’d like to go further and plead that you use your incredible reach through your articles, social media activism and the Boycott to ask people to push even harder than they have before.
The CEO of Energy Transfer (the company leading the pipeline’s construction) is known even among of industry of generally unlikeable people to be a blood-sucking asshole. His company routinely finds any loophole it can and minimizes the social engagement necessary to get pipelines approved. (People in southwest Texas around Marfa-Big Bend have been speaking out against another pipeline, the Trans-Pecos Pipeline, and Energy Transfer’s handling of it).
Equity analysts who cover Energy Transfer and other companies like them — who are therefore viewing Standing Rock not as a human rights issue, but as an opportunity to make/lose money — uniformly came out today saying that the DAPL delay is basically a show that will end with Trump taking office and the pipeline could well go forward as initially planned. The decision gets things to stand down ahead of what was likely to be an historic and contentious Dec. 5, a day when media coverage was finally on this story nationwide (although still pretty bad/misinformed).
Energy Transfer and partner Sunoco Logistics said in a press release following the decision that they are “fully committed to ensuring this vital project is brought to completion and fully expect to complete construction of the pipeline WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL REROUTING in and around Lake Oahu. Northing this Administration has done today changes that in any way.”
The industry is tone deaf, to put it mildly, but in my 10 years XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX industry, my view is that this is not a bluff. They will NOT back down on this unless they are unequivocally forced to. They will fight with every tool they have and have a willing supporter in Trump.
So not only is the fight for the pipeline not over, it likely just got HARDER, because attention and funds could fade. Everyone needs to be on their guard until literally every nut and bolt are removed from the site. Be wary!
Energy Transfer is a debt-riddled company with a lot riding on this easement.
For one (and these details came from their public, third quarter earnings call), the pipeline had secured $2.5 billion in financing. $1.1 billion has been drawn, but the condition for receiving the remaining $1.4 billion was approval of the easement.
For another, Energy Transfer and Sunoco Logistics agreed to sell a minority stake in the pipeline to two other pipeline companies — Unbridle and Marathon Petroleum — in August for $2 billion cash. The easement’s approval was a condition for that deal going through.
In late November, Sunoco Logistics and Energy Transfer Partners agreed a merger. I don’t know whether that deal is also contingent upon the pipeline going through as-is. That transaction was valued at roughly $20 billion.

We the people will move forward together as one to stop the #blacksnake and the #fracsandfood for the snake from destroying our #waters #animals and #motherearth


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