Capitol Visit & Sing a Long

Sing A Long at the Capitol Today with Dance Song signs and Police on all floors watching and video taping and questioning the 99%. The Capitol Police waited until after everyone left and headed home to go to people houses to give them citations and arrested brandon. 

I was home alone today at 4:20 pm when Capitol Police Officers Mitch Steingraber and Andrew Hyatt knocked on my home door. I went outside and they gave myself and Lisa each two tickets for holding banners at the Solidarity Sing Along today. The tickets were for 2.14(2)(v) obstruct access, passage, etc. and 2.08(1)(b) holding signs over railings-prohibited. We never received any verbal warning said Jason Huberty September 2012

These pictures are only possible because of Chaous Thatcityworker Riddle Thank you Chaous — at Wisconsin State Capitol.

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