Frac Sand Mines and Fluids

You will note In Frac Sand Fracing we have tons of water also used for the sand their is ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL OVER THOSE FLUIDS. They can only hope this fracking process will increase the quantity of gas extracted together with the retrieved fluid (By the way, the amount of fracking fluid retrieved is only 20%to a maximum maybe of 50%).  In fact, NOBODY knows where these toxic fluids will actually GO. Simple as that. Remarkably, the advocates of fracking tell us about the safety of the triple cemented casing of the vertical section of the well, but not a single word about the horizontal section, which is intentionally perforated

Democrats of the Congressional Committee on Energy and Commerce just released a new report detailing chemicals used in the toxic gas exploration process known as Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking or fracing). Fracking is a technique used to extract natural gas from oil shale beneath the earths surface. Communities are increasingly concerned about fracking polluting public water systems and the environment, when the chemicals leak into aquifers, rivers, streams and the atmosphere. – See more at: 8020 Vision

This article was showcased in 2013 @ FB Frac Sand Awareness


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