FS Mines in rural Areas

Frac-sand corporations count on a combination of naivete, trust, and incomprehension in rural hamlets, that previously dealt with companies no larger than Wisconsin’s local sand and gravel industries.  Before 2008, town boards had never handled anything beyond road maintenance and other basic municipal issues.

Do we want these types of water shortages in Wisconsin with Frac Sand mines using millions of gallons of water to process silica sand . In Jackson County alone with two It promises to be 2,000 acres with 2 processing plants. There are over 100 Frac Sand mines operating permitted in Western Wisconsin. Give us a like if you want more facts on water consumption per Frac Sand mine.  June 2013

The  Penokee Hills moving forward on The worlds largest Taconite Mine coming to Penokee Hills also offers another form of water consumption. This is picture is of the Penokee Hills Courtesy of Penokee Hills Education Project and IdleNoMore Wisconsin

In addition to severe drought conditions, relatively large areas in the worst-off states are in “exceptional” drought, which the USDA identifies as “exceptional and widespread crop/pasture losses, shortages of water in reservoirs, streams, and wells creating water emergencies.” Courtesy of Huffington Post 

Taconite Mines
Answers: (1) Blasting on the scale they intend will require millions of pounds of ANFO explosives, the same stuff that blew up in West, Texas; (2) the ultra-fine particulates are less than 1/100th the diameter of a human hair, i.e. the size of a virus and the human body can’t stop something that small from entering the body; (3) the ultra-fine particulates will contain Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) toxins. They are LOADED with them;

Taconite Mining INFO:
The most alarming aspect of DNR’s budget request is what it does not include: staff allocations for iron mining permitting and oversight. The mining deregulation bill that was passed earlier this month has eased the way for an enormous mountain top removal project on the shores of Lake Superior in a water-rich environment. Groundwater modeling, rock characterization and other aspects of the permitting process for such a large project are extremely complicated, yet there is absolutely no budget for DNR staff to carry out these tasks should a permit application be submitted.
Curtesy of the Progressive.org


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