Standing Rock gets a positive message from PSC.ND DAPL dug up native artifacts and did not report this for ten days after the digging occurred. DAPL is responsible for a $15,000 fine they are also trying to evade. The December 16 follow up shows that the PSC is holding DAPL accountable. 

“The North Dakota Public Service Commission is defending its complaint against Dakota Access Pipeline in connection with the disturbance of a tribal site.” Indianz.com

As previous attempts to hold the multi billion dollar company accountable for the destruction of sacred and cultural parts of history to the land have failed. Hundreds of Waterprotectors have been jailed and fined over the last five months for protecting their land and our water.

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“In early September, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe notified a federal judge of similar stone features at another construction site. But a request for an injunction to protect the area was denied and the land was bulldozed by Dakota Access over the Labor Day holiday weekend.” Indianz.com


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