One More Frac Sand Mine Project in Western Wisconsin

One more Frac Sand Mine Project in Western Wisconsin. When will it be enough ? We have 128 Already! Meteor says it can create 100 jobs but would have to eliminate 16.6 acres of wetlands! Now that’s a trade off!! #NOMeteor

Geers cited “DNR figures showing employment in sand mining peaked at 840 with 27 facilities ijacksoncon 2014 followed by 249 layoffs at five facilities in 2015.”

In the last 10 years “The Department of Natural Resources has issued 60 wetlands permits to sand operators, which allowed for the destruction of 26 acres of wetlands”

Wisconsin’s hillsides  with “frac sand” is used to prop open fissures in the earth which creates an escape route for natural gas. A single well can require 2,000 tons of sand over its lifetime.
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“Lee Bergquist from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel states;
Wetlands play a critical role in flood control, fish and wildlife habitat and for outdoor recreation. Wetlands also store carbon, a greenhouse gas. The DNR says Wisconsin has lost 47% of its 10 million acres of wetlands since European settlement, reflecting a national trend.”

Environmental Advocate Sarah Geers

#Meteor plans to use Jackson County to mine and wash then truck it 14 miles to dry !

“Meteor would construct a 10-mile railroad spur to a Union Pacific line, which serves Texas oil fields.”

Wisconsins #FracSandBoom is explained here

Meteor is a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Timberland Investment Resources. Timberland purchased 49,535 acres of Wisconsin forest land from Plum Creek Timber in 2014.

Alma Center WI, Hixton WI, Black River Falls WI , Ho Chunk Nation

Full Article Here Journal Sentinel

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