People Over Frac Sand Mines

Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear the issues on the Frac Sand mining permit dispute on January 11 . This will be the first of its kind in Wisconsin.Trempealeau County and all of Wisconsin watches closely to see if control from the citizens is taken away on how conditional use zoning permits are allowed. This will greatly impact how the Frac Sand Mine companies do business in Wisconsin

“AllEnergy’s is also asking the court to create a new rule that would require permits be issued if a company has met conditions set by a local government. ”

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If the Frac Sand mining permit process
is changed at the Supreme Court level it will be another defeat for small towns and rural communities trying to protect their land and environment against big dollar corporation.

Trempealeau County attorney Ron Stadler

“if the high court creates a new rule forcing local governments to issue permits based on specific conditions only, it would change zoning throughout the state and limit the impact of citizen input.”

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WPR Full Story

Picture is one of the exhausting Frac sand mines in Trempealeau County Wisconsin See More

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