Fracking and Earthquakes

This week on Tuesday in an area where ten sites have drilled the U.K. Has confirmed another earthquake only a few miles from these sites. In December production started from the new Gas Platform Drill site called the Cygnus field. Frack explains this the largest earthquake in that area in almost a decade. The Ring of Fire is another source when discussing earthquakes

“A magnitude 3.8 earthquake happened at 6.50pm on Tuesday a few miles to the south west of the Cygnus Alpha and Bravo platforms, where 10 wells have already 

been drilled and more are planned. Whether this earthquake was induce by Engie’s activity is an open question (though the coincidence is striking) but it is a timely reminder of the potential consequences of threat posed by increasingly extreme oil and gas exploitation. Unconventional oil and gas extraction (fracking) in the US and Canada has resulted in large numbers of earthquakes, causing significant damage.”

Fracking, and particularly the injection of fracking waste into disposal wells, is resulting in a massive increase in earthquakes in the US, including swarms of hundreds or thousands around individual wells, with the largest earthquake a magnitude 5.7 in Oklahoma which caused significant damage and injuries. Frack has a detailed list of earthquakes related to fracking

In 2012 links between waste water injection (fracking) and earthquake sequences are confirmed through scientific findings .

In November 2011 in Oklahoma a 5.7 earthquake hit tremores were reportedly felt in 17 states as far away as Illinois and dozens of subsequent aftershocks kept Oklahomans up all night.
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