Kickapoo & Huskies To

Today in Kickapoo at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve Winter Festival a whole lot of Mushing going on ! Kickapoo River is well known in Wisconsin and just like its name the Doggies showed us today why they love to go “here and there”.

At 125 miles, the Kickapoo River is the longest tributary of the Wisconsin River, meandering from its source in Wilton to Wauzeka, where it joins the Wisconsin. The proverbial crow flying between these two towns would only cover 65 miles. But Kickapoo is an Algonquin word meaning “one who goes there, then here,” an accurate description of a river that manages to flow north, south, east and west for some portion of its 125 mile length. Because the glaciers that missed the Driftless Area did not change its natural course, the Kickapoo River Valley is one of the oldest river systems in the world.  Driftless Wisconsin

Kathleen took 7th place 

“Today was my first sled race of the season

Making Sure MaMas Owies are OK !
and it was one to remember. It was an icy and challenging course. With the temps at -10° to start the day this made for a hard packed and fast trail. My glasses were frosted up at the start causing me to have limited visibility which lead to our one and only wipe-out. My lacerations were minor but definitely caused spectators to take a second glance. (On the bright side, the blood actually kept my face warm as we sped down the trail on this cold day.)😁The highlight for my team and I was when we helped slow down another team that was running without their musher. Nanuck even took a ride on the other sled as we attempted to catch the team. Thankfully the team was safely intercepted down the trail. 🐺

All said, I think it was a good first race and we’re looking forward to many more once we get some more snow.🐺❄” Kathleens FaceBook post

As with everything we do in life there’s always two sides and of course that brought me to researching disagreement in the sport. After looking at the pure love in Kathleen’s face with her dogs and seeing the infectious smile

Pictures Courtesy of Kathleen
even with blood stains on her face !

Kathleens puppies “loving her” showed me inside, that this was more than just a sport. An adventure with such passion and a love for your animals. This type of bonding and time together allows you to fully enjoy your life with your dogs and numerous benefits of enjoying our winters outdoors. This way of life has to make you become an amazing survivalist to do the biggest dog sled run around.  Alaska History of Mushing 

“However, it’s safe to say that most trainer/mushers respect the incredible abilities of these great dogs and likewise, the respect of the dogs themselves. Anyone that has watched dog sledding first hand, taken part in a sled team, or has owned one of these amazing dogs

7th Place in Todays Race
knows how much they love to work. And, while the Iditarod may have been less than safe in its early years, rules and regulations in place today ensure that the dogs are happy, healthy, and having fun!” Dogington Post


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