Love to the Digital Warriors

Surveillance & Intimidation

Freedom of Speech comes with a cost in America. I have been speaking out against occupywi“wrongs” done to us the people since 2011. On many occasions in getting our voices heard my phones, computors, and infiltrators in the different causes using disruption tactics. Along with this, comes the self realization, maybe I better tell a family member some of what I see and know “just in case”. Their we’re many significant attempts on social media to hinder our voices and stall us. YouTube of Myron &Shiye’ droning documentation a must watch video!

Water is Life

Myron Dewey from Digital Smoke Signals speaks about the survelliance at Standing Rock.

Videos on Survelliance at Standing Rock

Drone2Bwild pilot & warrior  Shiye’ at this link

Shiye’ and Steven Chrisjohn  video on surveillance at their link 

ga37IMSI Definition; The International Mobile Subscriber Identity or IMSI /ˈɪmziː/ is used to identify the user of a cellular network and is a great unique identification associated with all cellular networks. It is stored as a 64 bit field and is sent by the phone to the network.

An IMSI-catcher is a telephone eavesdropping device used for intercepting mobile phone traffic and tracking movement of mobile phone users. Essentially a “fake” mobile tower acting between the target mobile phone and the service provider’s real towers, it is considered a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack

It is important to remember that living through and witnessing such atrocities brings a certain level of understanding “what you signed up for” . When so much information is constantly coming at you in a short period of time. While you are also witnessing and expierencing #keepingitontheground actions depending on your role in your active s2943decision to fight for what is right. PTSD type symptons can come and go because of the overwhelming nature of emotions during the time frame of high intense actions,organizing, and expierencing.

As a freelance videographer (streamer),photographer or journalist you are targeted in a different level of suppressing the media and with the power of knowing you must “save your video” at all costs. This level of media has now broadened to Drone Piloting welcome aboard! An important key in our role is to understand and know the difference between PTSD or “paranoia” type symptoms compared to survelliance & intimidation.

Shot out to  Videoographers and Updaters  Unicorn Riot , Steven Chrisjohn , Atsa, Vic Camp , Bucky , Last Real Indians , Lee Sprague, Adam

img_5249Knowing is half the battle and after years of doing this type of work you will automatically see patterns and scenerios in the next subject of work you do. As I have listened and watched Myron and Shiye‘ go through the same type of tactics and understanding. The importance of what they bring to the table in our “freedom of speeech” survival  is invaluable on seeking the truth. I am confident in saying . Oh I remember feeling just like that ! I am also confident in saying. You are not having symptoms of what seems to be “paranoia type symptoms” you are actually correct in being cautious and doing things differently.

Over the years $ corporations have been bailed out ,paid off our elected officials, and think they are above the law. For example: DAPL still drilling and setting up the drill pad even

Photo Courtesy of Digital Smoke Signals Drone Feed December 2016
though they have been denied the easemeant, president Obama advised them to stop, and the Army Corp. Standing Rock is the prime example of profit over people, racism, and a corrupt law enforcement making up words as they go. What never changes from Recall Walker to Standing Rock  is the suppresion of our voices, the money backing, and how profits are still put before us the people.


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