Cream Puffs or A Bridge in WI?

#Walker you to busy spending money on your corporate buddies? Oops it is cream puff week !  Forgot to send money to little towns for their roads?? Spend all the money you took from poor people on food stamps this last year?

” January 6th that his upcoming state budget will include a Capital Budget Request for $6 million to expand and renovate the Cream Puff Pavilion at State Fair Park.” fox 6 news

Wouldn’t it be illegal to remove an alert from an official Govt FB site especially one specifically on “public safety” hmmmmm…

“The video, which was posted on the Wisconsin Public Safety Incidents And AlertsWisconsin Facebook page Thursday evening, shows a mother who is upset over the state of the Smokey Hollow Road bridge. The video has since been removed.” Said Channel 3000


When Channel3000 arrived to cover the story they found sand (gravel) had been laid to cover the ice.
On Sunday January 8 the Wisconsin Public Safety Incidents and Alerts  FB page wants to share that the road has been closed! No one has mentioned how the children are going to get on the bus now?

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