Pot vs Oil

Mom and I contemplating heading to Colorado to smoke her first "marijuana" because her injured hip hurts so bad and she does not want to take an opiate pill from the Dr.
Mom and I contemplating heading to Colorado to smoke her first “marijuana” because her injured hip hurts so bad and she does not want to take an opiate pill from the Dr.
Where is the outrage that this is still considered illegal in many places? Where are the “gasps” that  we are digging up lands, putting pipelines under our waters, and destroying forests !! When pot (cannabis, marijuana, hemp) a natural plant called many names, depending on your use of the plant , has been sitting here all these years illegal !

Hemp can be made into two types of fuel Hemp Biodiesel and Hamp Ethanol/Methanol

“One acre of Cannabis Hemp can produce 1000 gallons of methanol in a single growing season.”

  • Hemp has proven to help many with certain sicknesses “medical cannabis”

Field of Hemp

  • Hemp can be made into paper, textile clothing, biodegradable plastics, and paper

“one acre of hemp can produce 4 times more paper than one acre of trees

  • Hemp can lower the CO2 in their and then stabilize it at a lower level

“When an energy crop like Hemp is grown on a massive scale, it initially lowers the CO2 in the air, and then stabilizes it at a level lower than before the energy plant was planted”

  • Hemp can be used in food for animals and humans
  • Hemp is creating big revenue and jobs for states that have legalized marijuana helping their communities financially.

“Enough energy could be produced on 6% of the land in the U.S. to provide enough energy for our entire country (cars, heat homes, electricity, industry) and we use 25% of the world’s energy hemphasis.com

Given the street name “Pot” made an illegal drug in the U.S. in 1937 act this natural plant has been overlooked time again on its ability to be used in so many positive areas in our lives. Instead of researching and allowing us to progress in a natural way and protect our lands against fossil fuels.

Somehow we have also created a whole $corporation against this natural plant. We have been jailing people for years for use of and selling marijuana. Families to this day with sick children and multiple seizures are selling everything they have and moving to states that allow their children to use cannibus to calm this disability.

So what is “POT” the street name used for marijuana or called(marhuana) this is a natural plant . This plant will also be called cannabis  and hemp. The reasoning behind so many names for one natural plant is how it is grown to produce the intended “need”

Marajuana Plant
Marijuana is usually grown indoors so that conditions can be monitored very closely. Marijuana is encouraged to become short and bushy and grow lots of flowers. High THC . Adult recreational use of smoking marijuana makes you more relaxed and makes you hungry .

“It reduces pain and muscle spasticity, and can make you more relaxed. This is the compound of greatest interest for medical marijuana.” Greatist.com

Hemp is as close as you can get to how cannabis grows naturally. Hemp is grown all over the world for food, oil, and fiber — so, the whole plant can be used, not just the flowers. Little to no THC

Hemp biofuel is the only alternative fuel in the US to complete EPA Tier I Health Effects Testing under section 211(b) of the Clean Air Act 

Cannabis also called (medical marijuana)

Finally, hemp can also be an effective source for cannabidiol (CBD), the primary cannabinoid in hemp, because it doesn’t contain the high levels of THC found in marijuana hemp.com

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