Celebrities Win Main Stage

When icon musical sensation Katy Perry gets onstage and ignites the audience  it should always be a celebration of her great music. 

Women organizers for the Women’s March on Washington are making decisions not beneficial to  all us women. Doing our white privileged work to showcase big concerns in our Nation should be the top priority.

These same organizers  are also turning down grassroots speakers. Feminist  activist Gloria Steinum speaking time is at risk  because organizers are pushing their own agenda instead of the agenda  of all women “uniting”. This suppresses  issues all us women face. On a day when women should be Undivided to support actions against us. We see political parties and $$ signs taking over. I am sure these women have not told the celebrities what is really happening.  

Women Undivided

With  state organizers struggling to include “all women” the women’s march is turning into another 3 ring circus just like both main stream political parties. Not addressed is the privileged white women scenario and misleading others.
It cannot be stressed enough a one-sided political agenda taking over a women’s march which includes suppression of women voices and race is not a women’s event.  How can this be celebrated ? The atrocities against American citizens that really need to be heard like #standingrock with the human violations against peaceful praying people. How renewable energy is here and not being utilized . Our water is being contaminated in several ways around the U.S. with the fossil fuels . Or the earthquakes rocking the world. Last but not least how government officials are trying to sneak by women’s right issues Now.org showcases several of these areas.

Please like our page and join the WomenUNdivided group  post your events, organizations,so we can truly communicate together and help each other.

As I have been following  and helping human rights issues, saving our water from fossil fuel disparities, and using my white privilege to help where I can. I am in need of a camper to broaden the work in getting “our voices” out . I started a fund me for a camper or if anyone has a decent RV they would be willing to donate. It would be put to great use.

I have been asked to start a PayPal for individuals who want to support me! Here is the link to directly support my work. Thank you so much you all inspire me to keep getting our voices heard ! More about me here ~Resource Gramma


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