Rubber  Bullet Injures Another Eye @ Standing Rock

Steven Jeffrey Chrisjohn  videographer recently returned to Standing Rock just in time to enjoy more peaceful prayer ,song ,and another night of teargas, rubber bullets and nonstop air noise from helicopters and/or airplanes overhead.

“Got pegged about 20 ft away eaflier by a rubber bullet…looking like a good shiner in the works” Harry Benedict share with us on Facebook

Standing rock water protectors know this is not a new tactic from the Morton County Sheriffs Department as we have all watched Sioux story on losing her eyesight to a rubber bullet previously from the police standoffs against unarmed waterprotecters  We  watched devastating moments ,hours and days of Sioux horrific story on not being able to quickly get to medical care to save her eyesight.

Earlier that afternoon on MLK day 2017 videoagropher Michael Markus captures water protectors replacing the religious flag on Turtle Island the Morton County Police Department took the night before.  Crystal explains to us how in 2017 years after Slavery is abolished and treaties are signed.

“Prayers and love sent to all water protectors who, ironically arrested on MLK Jr day, 2 were Raddler and Badger, for doing the same thing he did. “

While our government keeps allowing  division, chaos, and atrocities against our people and main stream media still avoids “Standing Rock

Martin Luther King Day was honored yesterday and celebrated across the country except for those politicians who still have their states keep schools open on MLK Day.

While cries for help are echoing through the waters and  social media from water protectors at Standing Rock still being harassed , hurt, and not protected after the Army Corp denied the easemeant to DAPL .

This is a direct reflection on our governments incapability’s of  being able to rightfully protect our people and our politicians quietly sit and watch  as companies are being protected and our people are being hurt. That’s not enough though! The intimidation tactics on top of the violence against people expressing their constitutional rights now has military missile technology sitting in front of them ! Because we value our water.

As normal everyday people try to figure out  is this a Surface  to air missile or a heat seeker or some other type of vehicle that is the question for the day! Coming to a neighborhood near you? I’m not talking about Syria or any other foreign country. I am talking about the US and in the state of North Dakota. In 2017 in our country  trying to figure out what the Police Department has sitting by an oil drillpads in North Dakota!

Today, Jon Ziegler documented an anti-drone missile system in North Dakota (and not pointed towards the sky), close to DAPL’s highly militarized drill pad

Unicorn Riot videographer Niko provides information on how this vehicle is a missile mounted system for air defense

 “The Avenger AN/TWQ-1 Air Defense System vehicle is a missile mounted system which provides mobile, short-range air defense protection for ground units against cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, low-flying fixed-wing aircraft, and helicopters.”

Tonze Crosseyes explains in her research that these are heat seekers and they would be useless against drones so little

“Did a little checking and that is not surface to air missiles, those are called heat-seekers. Tracks heat source of whatever it’s aimed at. It locks on heat source and will follow until it hits the target. Has a 10,000 ft altitude and about a 5 mile range. Cannot be used on people as it goes MAC 2 and can’t shoot parallel to the ground. Designed for aircraft, cruise missiles or other in the air stff.”

UPDATE it has been clarified that 4 Avenger missle systems spread throughout the hills. One is equipped with a 50 cal.

Manape took this pic with my phone and a monocular from about a mile away. This one’s positioned just south of the drill pad. 

Manape also states that a National Guard base was put up. Estimated to hold about 600….in addition to the other base they built a couple months ago.
Many from standing rock are spreading the message in teaching other communities about standing rock and the atrocities. In California this week videographers, drone pilots, and women warriors gather for a picture in California. Shout out videographers and Drone Pilots in the picture   Drone2Bwild  Digital Smoke Signals Ernesto


Prayers for all those that we’re injured yesterday  Mni Wichoni ! More about me

Video earlier this year from Atsa

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