The World of Women is Rising

That is part of the beauty of a woman the resilience to find ways to make sure we reach all women. Gloria and Aly have found that

Gloria and Aly team up with
Gloria and Aly team up with

moment. In a recent interview with Alyson Palmer singer for BETTY Aly explained what would happen if all the women in America who believed in equality – and had been raising our daughters to believe that they were just as good, just as powerful and just as worthy as anyone – what if we all took action at the exact same time? Join 1@1 on Facebook.

“If we ALL can’t go share the experience of a march, let the march come to all of us”

“And then, Kellie, something amazing started happening.  Along with the pledged gatherings across the US in Arkansas, California, Florida, Tennessee, Maine, Connecticut, Alaska, Tiffany,Queen and RuthieWashington, Michigan, Hawaii and more states coming in daily, I got a message from Bushra in Iraq saying that at 9pm she had a group of women who were rising with us.  Then women in London, Oslo, Geneva, Amsterdam, Germany, and even a group of women from the #IWillGoOut protest in India, demanding safer streets at night for women and girls at 11:30pm”
They  have created a free app that all women and supporters could download at 1at1.orgsiouxAlong with the app a reminder message which includes the countdown from Gloria Steinem and video messages from feminist change makers offering simple actions that can be taken immediately to keep advancing women’s equality. Allowing all women to join together in a moment of silence and creating an inclusive atmosphere for us all to grow with. As a white mother of three Biracial daughters and a Native grandson. Our family strives to see equality for all.

“Allowing all women and supporters to join together in a moment of silence and creating an inclusive atmosphere for us all to grow into is an important part of the 1@1 action. In the one minute of silence, 1@1 suggests that all participants visualize women’s equality.” stated Alyson

As Alyson and Gloria try to reach all women of the world. Today is a victory for us in unity, strength, and resilience !

Women Rise Up!Maybe they are a cashier… or a nurse… or a caregiver.  Maybe they are too young to travel… or too old… or doing chemo.  Maybe they are in school … or in a detention center… or – my greatest fear for any woman – maybe they are prisoner to a man and have no way of being in touch with the outside world but a tv or radio.  Maybe she could hear about this action and for one minute connect with us and know we are with her, thinking of her, supporting her, wanting to help her, and co-creating a world where no woman would ever suffer the same fate.”

I asked Aly how she felt about the ongoing controversy that women are being excluded from some marches across the states? Aly replied, “We too were concerned when we first heard about the Rise UPmarch, that it could turn into a privileged echo chamber and not reach all the women whose primal scream created the need for a gathering together in the first place.  So we put the idea into the universe”

As I listened to Aly’s wise words. I was once again was reminded  how we all must take a moment and realize how important it is to compile our “blips” as women and continue to demand all of our rights ! Please join 1@1 on Facebook

“The march is a blip and the desire to do something, anything to express our displeasure. What it turns into is inconsequential.”  women of standing rockNo single march has ever changed the world.  It’s a continuum of experiences that bring about change.  I have performed at many over the past 30 years and they are satisfying, but it’s always – always – the passion of the people and the desire to work toward change that are the important story.”

Please like our page and join the WomenUNdivided group  post your events, organizations, so we can truly communicate together and help each other. The featured image is Sioux who lost her eyesight in one eye due to violence towards her for standing up for her rights at Standing Rock.

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