Canoe Theft Filed Against Morton County Sheriff Department

Cold Water Rescue Team Leader files theft and damage charges against the Sheriff Department at #standingrock. Lee has been at Standing Rock helping the community with a “hands on” approach and a team ready to take action to help #waterprotectors as needed. On the day before “Thanksgiving” Lee and his team watched as the Morton County Sheriff’s Department had other plans for their canoes.  Please follow Lee’s journey for Justice on FaceBook. please help fund them HERE

Lee filed charges 01/18/2017 . He has been given quite the run around. Here are his updates on what has taken place!

Today, we are going to the Criminal Bureau of Investigation, possibly the Highway Patrol to pursue criminal Larceny and Theft and destruction of my personal property, without a warrant, or a criminal charge against me.

Turtle Island Lee’s Canoes

Yesterday at the North Dakota State Capital, Attorney Generals (AGs) office, the Morton County Sheriff referred me to the AGs office in writing, in my verified complaint of Larceny and Theft, by the Morton County Sheriff Department (MCSD)

The AGs office reiterated, twice now, that they have no jurisdiction over the Morton County Sheriff on this video tape

“We are going to the Criminal Bureau of Investigation today, Thursday 1/19/17 on advice of the North Dakota Highway Patrol”

m. 1:49- “#NoDAPL”

m. 5:41- AGs office takes copy of MCSD theft report, makes a copy for me as well.

– AGs office clarifies that MCSD is wrong about involving AGs office in jurisdiction of Theft and Larceny Charges against the MCSD

m. 6:52- “#NoDAPL”

m. 7:04- Conversation with the North Dakota

Lee preparing for flooding of Sanding Rock

Highway Patrol Secutity Officers at AGs office. ND Highway Patrol says that the North Dakota, Bureau of Criminal Investigation (NDBCI) under the AGs office, handles investigations of criminal conduct by Local Sheriffs. So I am going to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation tomorrow morning. Then I am going back to the Sheriff to amend

m. 8:00- I give description of Canoe and Rescue equipment stolen and personal injuries to Highway Patrol’

m. 10:45- “I don.t know what the steps are, but we will exhaust them”

Also some pictures of the Morton County Sheriff Department in possession of my destroyed canoes, with one of my canoe paddles.

Water Rescue Canoes
Turtle Island Lee’s canoes and paddles

I did not confess to anything as implied. I stated I brought rescue equipment, canoes, space blankets, maalox for tear gas, ear plugs for LRAD guns, and other rescue equipment to help people who were being hurt by the Morton County Sheriff.. I have it on video and you saw it live on Facebook.

This is the Larceny and Theft report I filed. I’m alleging the Sheriff Department stole and destroyed four of my canoes, paddles, rescue first aid kits, Also stolen, part of my canoe trailer.

Report Filed

Not accurate is officer 4973’s written comment that I confessed to bringing goods to to Turtle Hill.”We carry warm clothes and blankets, gloves, mittens in water proof bags. We carry watersheds to the prayer lines. We carry people hurt by the Morton County Sheriff, Because they don’t respond to water protectors in harm’s way. Harm visited on the Water Protectors by the Morton County Sheriff Department.

So I will be amending my complaint, to include destruction of property, loss of my cell phone to water cannons on November 20, 2016 and personal injuries suffered by the actions of the Morton County Sheriff Department.

Also, the Morton County Sheriff has video and photographs of my rescue activities, and training drills.


Water Rescue Team receiving items needed at Standing Rock

So they literally have the evidence of their own crimes. I’ll have to get copies of all the evidence of video of confrontations, and my radio walkie talkie

Water Rescue Canoes on turtle Island
View of Turtle Island with Water Rescue Teams Canoes

communications. All of which is recorded by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department 24/7. They have airplanes, helicopters, multiple drones, with camera footage.

I will go to the Criminal Bureau of Investigation today, Maybe the Highway Patrol. Maybe I’m looking for justice in all the wrong places?

Because of this we have needs for special equipment that doesn’t always make it to donations. Specialized gear like snow shoes, night vision goggles, spotlights, Waterproof pants jackets, gloves, snowmobiles, etc.

We Thank You all so much for your continued prayers, thoughts and support in the continued effort to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) the Black Snake!

All photos courtesy of Lee and The Canoe Cold Water Rescue Team

Link to help fund Canoe Cold Water Rescue Team
More about me HERE


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