Waterprotectors Head Back to Standing Rock

Jon’s UPDATE: After a long night in ER, finally got some sleep

Jons Rubber Bullet Whelps from 1/18/2017
Jons Rubber Bullet Whelps from 1/18/2017
at 6am…10 stitches to sew my pinky back together and a splint for the break. The pinky is broken all the way through just below the knuckle. Cops came close to taking my whole finger off! I have to see a hand surgeon Jons damaged fingertomorrow.
My leg got hit twice, not just once as I thought.
Thank you all for your well wishes, and  #MniWiconi!!!

In North Dakota at Standing Rock war is silently being waged against unarmed American people. Unspeakable is the continuous militarized police and missile launchers. “DOE said no easement to DAPL. President said stop drilling. Dapl cried to DOJ, DOJ said too bad dapl. On what authority today is dapl security and morton county police arresting ” why are they still macing and using tear gas and  rubber bullets against water protectors drumming, singing and standing on their ground against an oil company that has been denied!

DAPL has been denied the easement to finish the oil pipeline under the Missouri River yet militarized forces are growing and adding extreme weaponry and excessive force against our people. Why? Tuesday 1/17/2017 and Wednesday 1/18/2017 nights have been an ongoing standoff between militarized police and water protectors. At times you see the police retreat back after showing huge forces and scare tactics. Then you see and hear the injuries and learn of more arrests.

All of these photos and the important information on what is really happening on the ground would not be possible if we did not have videoagraphers. These are still shots from the violent night on the 18th. Thank you

Davids Video HERE , Mitras Video HERE , Reb Z  (Jon) video HERE

Secret OP made this great Video on the violence against normal citizens standing up for their right to their land and saving our water!

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