Jeffrey Mourns the Loss of Standing Rock

steven“I came up here to do a job I cant leave yet the Standing Rock people have asked us to clean up our mess. That’s my job now. When we got here we were told to build a sustainable economy environment. We started that we talked about farming , renewable energy to sustain these winters. It was a group effort ripped down by a few people and a few dollars and that’s a shame.” stated Jeffrey to help FUND Jeffrey Here 

Jeffrey’s Full Video

UPDATE  01/21/2107 of Camp Closing Oceti Sakowin Camp Statement ” We are calling you warriors to go in a good way now, and if you have the spirit to fight, turn it to clearing and cleaning the land we have defended, for the sacred act of protecting these waters from the materials left here.”

Jeffrey known as Steven Jeffrey Chris john on his Facebook updates  talks about the pain of the request of the Standing Rock leaders for all camps to clean up the mess and leave. Jeffrey explains how he feels good because Standing Rock is so special and the camp feels good. Jeffrey FULL VIDEO HERE. As Jeffrey explains his thoughts with many emotions involved. As many of us can wonder the whys and the how’s. The important part is Standing Rock lives in us all !

I encourage all water protectors to come back and help us clean up that its not about Standing Rock its about this land. don’t forget what we we’re fighting for stated Jeffrey

“we have been playing the game with some real racist people who really want to kill you” explains Jeffrey.

rubberbullet“What we get are frozen Rubber Bullets that can penetrate wood and skin. That’s the gift that we get. That’s the special the Indians get out here. We don’t get 30 feet of distance before we get shot. We are lucky if we get 7 feet. I apologize if I put anything at risk for you at Standing Rock I only meant good will.”

Jeffery thanks his followers, helpers, and water protectors “Thank you for the gifts not measured in dollars that are measured by any system I just want to say thank you for the gifts my family and I have been given.”

Jeffrey explains how someone has to be a scapegoat. “ I will stay here and I will do that I will clean up. Because I respect this I respect the words I respect the journey I respect what needs to be done here .”

Jeffrey speaks about the donations sent to the leaders of Standing Rock as Jeffrey has been relying solely on private donations from his followers.  The Lakota Sioux tribe has not released yet how the donations have or will be spent. Jeffrey update suggest the Standing Rock leaders have eight million in donations and Wesley Jr received 800.000 of those donations.

A fire  Jeffrey is starting todayto heat up rocks  for the sweat at Standing Rock

Do you think that 8 million was earned? That was donated and given by all the people. At the end of the day the people have spoken.” stated Jeffrey

Jeffrey also explains his feeling on the Lakota way of life. “The Lakota people I am forever indebted to you. I have learned to grow respect and love every bit of this culture and your ways. That’s what we fight for. You have given me so many gifts. It is going to take me lifetimes to pay it back That’s what I have been given Its sad I wish the whole world could have been given these things. That’s what standing rock is for me.”

“We were born to be free I will not go back I will never go back and I will teach all of my kids this It’s just a very special place. Thank you standing rock for allowing me to be a part of it I appreciate it.” Full Video Here

Update 01/22/2017 As people have different views on what is happening at Standing Rock which is expected in such an organic beautiful community. This original story was meant to be a About Jeffrey journey in pain and strength and what he had been told.

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5 thoughts on “Jeffrey Mourns the Loss of Standing Rock”

  1. Bless you all and always pray for the water protectors and tribes for the rest of my days. It was a calling – the Spirit called everyone – tribes and other peoples world wide for a reason and we must never close our eyes or turn our backs on the Earth or any of the people again. We should never stand for injustices to the tribes ever again and learn from the lessons you all so graciously taught us. It has been a far greater experience than just the Water and the fight with Big Oil – a much more and much needed experience – this was just the door being opened for the world to see, acknowledge and learn. Very important things I hope and pray will never be forgotten – no matter where we all go in life Standing Rock is real, it is far greater than any one of us can know or explain and it will forever live on in the hearts and minds of everyone who recieved the Unity and call. It is a very good reason to forever celebrate this win – the win of the Unity and one mind for the earth, for the water, and most of all for all the people. Bless you all – stay in prayer, and never forget!

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