International Indian Treaty Council at SR

International Indian Treaty Council and the United Nations Conference on human rights and human rights violations and treaty rights and inherit rights. Tomorrow they will hear testimony it is an important day to share you story with them,

Women’s Indigenous Media will Live stream your testimony on the human rights violations. They are here to help get your story out! Prairie Knights Casino 01/23/2017

Dictation notes on highlights from the video below

Full Video Here 

How to collect, submit and use testimony
video 2  HERE.         Video 1 HERE

International Indian Treaty Council and UN Human and Treaty Rights Workshop: Jamil Bakwar talking about the long term health effects of militarized police enforcing “crowd control” and Pavel Sulyandziga, Chair of the UN Working Group HERE. 

International Indian Treaty Council And UN Human and Treaty Rights Workshop

Video 1 HERE.    Video 2 HERE

Dictation notes on highlights from the video below

Steven: We have had many human right violations occur here during our stay. We need to put in the correct wording otherwise we will not be taken seriously. How to document in a court of opinion. The people are shooting us are the people we are suppose to report to. This conference is to teach us how to properly document for maximum effectiveness of our statements. A lot of us do not know about the court system. How to document the atrocities that have fallen upon our people. I am hoping to educate myself cause our voices are important.

Brook: The chair of the UN was here today and his interpreter. His speech was about people coming forward and documenting their stories. I was surprised to hear how often this has been going on. We do not hear about it in main stream. To be given the opportunity to learn how to have our stories documented properly and be heard. We have to do this in the right way. It is a part of the healing process as well to tell your story and have somebody document it.

Very emotional watching atrocities going on in other places. Another thing that was emphasized. Their are other ways we can have human rights violated. Like desecrating sacred sites.Brook for example Environmental racism is like how Bismarck turned down the pipeline and sent it south to our treaty lands.




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