Womens Rally Still Divided

While the massive privileged white women marches did NOT help inUN dividing us women. With celebrities at the main stage, as the after stories and videos come forth on individual experiences and diverse minded women trying to include all . One common theme still remains. Black and Brown women were treated differently and NOT inclusive in the day. Hopefully a lesson is learned in how well democratic (unite women) money can pay to engage women. Us white women need to find a better way for financial backing on all our Women’s causes! That is how we take care of all our sisters.

“I realized that I was in a space that had been created with good intention, under the guise of unification but in reality was for white feminists and their vaginas. I thought about my sweet trans, queer, non-identifying, intersectional, and non-white sisters that seemed absent in the crowd. For every ten pink pussy signs waving in my face, I saw one, maybe two, signs that represented women of color. It was weird and uncomfortable. ” Eryn Wise

Stories also pointed out that the police left the marches alone because of our privilege as white women. My thought is to build on that. What if in every rally, march protest us white women made sure all brown and black women are always are in the middle and we always took the outside flanks beginning and ending as white human protective shields at all times.

“Upon our arrival, Thomas and I were faced with the short tempers, inconsiderate nature and intensity of women we were supposed to be standing in solidarity with. The indigenous folk present were able to carve out a space in front of the National Museum of the American Indian large enough to form a circle where we spoke, sang, and danced in honor of our foremothers. It was the only space in the march that, for me, felt inclusive and welcoming.” Eryn Wise Honor the Earth Organizer 

Then I stopped and read what I  just wrote and went “jeez” theirs my automatic sense of my white privilege again in saying  ” us white women made sure” or was it? As a protective person my feeling and thought are to protect all my women ! I am also a firm believer in using my whiteness as a gift instead of what can be viewed as pain in other cultures. As we all have work on learning each other and being mindful of the differences in our cultural ways. One thing is certain their is great power in women in numbers.

The GOOD things that came out of that march is the

  • Fact that us truly Undivided women out number what we saw .
  • Native women went regardless to get their messages out
  • Black women  went regardless to get the message out
  • Fact police did not bother them because the white privilege

CAN you IMAGINE if we truly took this to women’s HEARTS dump the two political parties and FORM our own political group with 2 women from each culture as representing all as women.

“Many of them had never attended a rally, felt like they belonged so fully, or mattered as much. For these reasons, I am grateful that the marches took place. I just wish a more inclusive space had been created for the non-white feminists who truly need a voice, especially in the onset of Trump’s administration. “ Eryn Wise

We formed marches ,protests ,news and conference together! We stood together as one Undivided as all women and votes for a person to represent us in the president campaign! Well it was just a thought (shrug) 

“SO many sisters and womyn were absent that I began to cry. Women who had only minutes earlier been shoving me out of their way began stopping to ask me what was wrong. “This is fake,” I found myself repeating. “I hate this.” Some tried to blame it on the size of the crowd. Others tried in very gentle ways to ask me if I was on or approaching my moon. Unintentional sexism dripped from the tongues of these women as they tried to calm me. ”

#whiteprivilege #womensmarch


Photo Courtesy of Leslie

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