DAPL Cough

DAPL Cough Poison from the Sky or Rancher?

The DAPL cough was common all over the camp and down the hallways of Prairie Knights Casino. You can hear in so many live feeds the cough you have after you spend time at Standing Rock. It has always been down played you will find many live feeds with the noise of helicopters and also see them. You will also find several live feeds with a crop duster type airplanes overhead.  Shiy’e explains research on some ideas of the DAPL Cough . on January 23rd all of us learned we need to be tested for Rozol Poisioning 

“Meyer ranch buffalo under quarantine for ROZOL poison, LAUREN DONOVAN Bismarck Tribune, Jan 22, 2017  Some 350 indigenous nations and up to 20,000 people passed through the camps to protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline, setting up camps in various locations in and around the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Reservation.”

As their can be many theories . Their are several facts and leads that can be followed through Live feeds and Drone2bewild and Digital Smoke Signals

Here are some things that Dean found in his researching,  Drone2Bwild pilot & warrior  Shiye’ at this link all the quotes you will find in Deans comments on his live feeds during his research. You can help FUND Dean here

Dane Wigington is an expert regarding geo engineered weather warfare. Check out his latest post. In his article he mentions North Dakota and the intentional blizzards you have been enduring.

Cloud Seeding for Precipitation is a chemical put in the sky . 

With the chaotic weather and blizzards during the time when massive veterans descended on Standing Rock . The HAARP is that experiments are conducted which use electromagnetic frequencies to fire pulsed, directed energy beams in order to “temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere.

On December 27th Shiy’e live feed

 The DAPL cough story may never be heard!! Dean explains  ” Ijust happened across this and I could be off base too but do you know this area “The plane was in flight for about 2 hours and 20 minutes, according to FlightAware, a flight tracking data company. It left Fargo Hector International Airport around 2:20 p.m. and headed west for Wells County where the aircraft circled the area at points furthest north near the James River before traveling back toward Fargo. The plane that crashed was had a big wig flying it for the company Weather Modification LLC Here is the whole article I have heard people say they have planes flying around maybe its them or I could be crazy”

Update Feb2,2017 found this post and LINK 

One thought on “DAPL Cough”

  1. I don’t want to think this is true, but am not naive enough to think it is impossible. I was there in late September, so relatively early on, but I too developed a very severe cough after only a week and it persisted for a long time after returning.


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