North Dakota Wants to Hide Oil Spills

A bill to allow oil companies to avoid reporting some of their spills passed in the North Dakota House this afternoon in a 82-11 vote. The bill (read it here) is sponsored by Rep. Roscoe Streyle, a Republican from Minot, who meanreadstatsreceived the following campaign donations from the oil industry in 2014: Bill #1151  Courtesy of the Mean Read

3 PIPELINE SPILLS in The Last 7 Days

January 25, 2017 In Hanlontown, Iowa a pipeline broke spilling Diesel owned by Magellan Midstream based out of Oklahoma.  The spill has creeped up to 138,600 gallons from 63,000 gallons during the clean up process stated in Global Gazette

January 23,2017    In Canada on First Nations land near Stoughton. A pipeline leak causing 200,000 liters of Oil to spill. Considered the biggest spill yet in the Providence, This spill is

Dec 4 at Standing Rock . We all celebrated the Victory of Army Corp denying the easement and requesting and EIS

just seven months after what is known as the “Husky oil spill” spilling 225,000 liters states CBS News Canada

January 19.2017  Roughly five miles north of Glendive Montana A week before the President is signed into office. A Montana pipeline burst sent as much as 50,400 gallons of oil gushing into the Yellowstone River, prompting the  Montana Governor to declare a state of emergency. CNN states they are advising residents to use bottles water for drinking and cooking.

December 5,2016 A land owner discovered an oil spill less then 200 miles from Standing

December 5th Veterans Ceremony at Standing Rock

Rock. Belfield , N. D roughly 130,000 gallons spilled into the little Missouri river as we celebrated the veterans at Standing Rock , Duluth Tribune says their is an estimated 176,000 gallons spilled.

Header Photos by Leslie Amsterdam

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