Last Child Camp

As we watched Steven Chrisjohn Live feed Wednesday February 1st enjoying the fire and soaking in the warriors putting up the teepees on the hill at the Last Childs Camp. “In honor of the Last Child Warrior Society, the only such society created by Crazy Horse 

Last Child Camp

” stated Chase Iron Eyes

On February 1st over 70 water protectors we’re arrested  that afternoon at the Last Child Camp as water protectors from Oceti Sakowin camp we’re blocked in down the hill by police,

Down the hill in front Oceti camp while water protectors arrested up at Last Child Camp

national guard and DAPL security. All 6 Teepees took down and several jailed including Chase Iron Eyes and Steven Chrisjohn.



Attorney Chase IronEyes

Chase Iron Eyes“On the morning of Feb. 1, a group of water protectors established a new camp, Last Child Camp, on higher ground west of HWY 1806, which is contested treaty land. Lakota activist and LPLP attorney Chase Iron Eyes spoke with law enforcement officials at the barricade before returning to camp, where he was later arrested and charged with “inciting a riot”—a class C felony with a max sentence of five years. This video is a recap of the day and some of the wisdom Chase had to impart about this treaty stand. “Stated Lakota Peoples LawPlease consider DONATING to our legal defense fund to support Chase’s case and other water protectors arrested that day:
Special thanks to seekjoy and Eóin Small for sharing this video with us! “

The water protectors arrested we’re split up in vans and buses then

Vans hauling away water protectors to jail

shipped to different jails in North Dakota. All we’re held without bond the first night and no one was released for 48 hours.


A few days later ND government and the DOJ in the Federal Court Status Conference in Washington “Double Dinged” water protectors . A memo from the President to wave the 14 day wait period on the decision of the easement reported from Dallas Goldtooth in Washington.

Military set up of police and National Guard on the other side of the bridge. Footage taken February 6,2017 courtesy of Digital Smoke Signals

“Today during a federal court status conference, DOJ lawyers told the Judge that the Corps has forwarded a “review and analysis” to the Army leadership for a decision on the easement. They did not state what that decision was of course. They expect to announce the decision as early as Friday. Once the Army makes a decision it goes to Congress for notification. While Army policy is to wait 14 days after notification, the Presidential memo says waive that waiting period, and the DOJ did not indicate its position on this either.” stated Dallas Goldtooth Full video here

While ND House has been quietly putting through bills to target “water protectors”

Bridge February 7,2017 Courtesy of Digital Smoke Signals. Cannonball ND

Below is the details of the types of bills being pushed through. If our government is allowed to target people using their freedom of speech(first amendment right) in non violent prayer and protest on their own (treaty lands) land. What’s next?

Monday February 6,2017 BREAKING : 

February 1,2017 as water protectors blocked in my police and national guards. Watched at the top of the hill at Last Child Camp everyone was arrested.

“North Dakota house voted in favor of 5 bills that are specifically meant to target water protectors. They passed the “run protestors over” bill, the mask bill, and bills that turn riot offenses, criminal trespass, and causing a business economic harm of $1000 or more Class C felonies. Meaning your punishment could be up to 5 years in jail and $10,000 in penalties. They put an emergency clause on these bills so after today they will go straight to the Senate (as opposed to waiting for crossover which happens halfway through the legislative session) So these laws could be in effect very soon. They have official sanctioned murder in North Dakota. Its time to evolve.” ~Ed Higgins

Photos Courtesy of Drone2BeWildDigital smoke Signals and Lakota’s People Law Project .


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