WI Tribes Meet with Army Corp Pipeline#5

Pipeline 6B   line through Kalamazoo MI. is tied unto Line #5  see map below.
“Friday, members of the Bad River Band met in a closed-door meeting with Army Corps of Engineer representatives to discuss the future of the pipeline.” KBJR6  .

We need to support and show our solidarity with our Northern neighbors in Wisconsin and Indian Country News. We have many concerns ahead of us in Wisconsin Pipeline #5 , Pipeline #3, Pipeline #61 (Twin)#66. A facebook group has been started Wisconsin Solidarity Pipeline Group

“It’s that section of Line 5 spanning the Straits of Mackinac between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron that is the center of scrutiny and of the suit being brought by the National Wildlife Federation.Critics say Line 5 poses a threat to miles of Great Lakes shoreline near the iconic Mackinac Bridge and Mackinac Island, a popular tourist destination. “ WPR.org

The Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, in January 2017 , voted to deny a renewed easement for pipeline #5 to cross 11 parcels of the tribe owned land.glakesmap

Pipeline #5 is owned by Canadian based Enbridge. Enbridge also has a 28% interest contract in the Standing Rock pipeline across the Missouri River in North Dakota owned by DAPL.  Canadian based Enbridge has since acquired Houston based Spectra
“The combination of Enbridge Inc. (“Enbridge”) and Spectra Energy Corp (“Spectra Energy”) was completed on February 27, 2017. ” Enbridge.com

Pipeline #5 carries synthetic crude oil from Superior, Wisconsin. The original sources are tar sands bitumen from Canada.

Enbridge Pipeline break in Kalamazoo, MI 2010

Enbridge built Pipeline 5  in 1953. 60 years later this is stated on their website.

 “Pipelines, like all infrastructure, age at different rates due to environment, general use and other factors. That’s why there is no blanket approach to how we manage and maintain our pipeline infrastructure” Enbridge.com

We are well aware of the breeches in safety features in pipelines even thou Enbridge ensures otherwise.

“Beyond the way Line 5 was built and the safety measures in place, we have automatic shut off valves at either end of the Straits. If ever our
kalmazoo224/7 monitoring detected a loss in pressure, flow can be stopped in three minutes. Emergency response equipment and crews are in place to contain and collect any product spilled.” Enbridge.com

Michigan Links Pipeline 5

A Pipeline 5 website


Mi cats page https://www.facebook.com/michigancats/

Pipeline 5 appeal in Michigan





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