Solar Energy Center in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is breaking ground in many more ways then breaking the ground for residents in how they get electricity. WPPI energy which has customers in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Upper Michigan has a purchase agreement for 20 years with the new solar energy center to be built. This will be the largest solar energy center in Wisconsin when construction is complete.

NextEra Energy Resources starts construction for a new Solar Energy Center in Two Rivers , Wisconsin.

“The sun’s going to shine 60 years from now,” he says,

Courtesy of
“and those electrons are free. They’re free to me, they’re free to utilities, they’re free to everybody.” 

In Minnesota

“The 1,000-acre North Star Solar farm, which opened in December, is the largest, most northerly solar power plant in the United States, generating up to 100 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 20,000 homes”
Courtesy of Cheryl Katz is an independent science writer.

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