Wisconsin Water 2X Arsenic Level

In Whitehall Wisconsin one of many western Wisconsin communities with Frac Sand 2017-04-14 (4)Mines. Mike a resident who lives .6 miles away from the local Frac Sand Mine in Trempealeau County. Mike states he has been denied water testing because his property is further then a half mile away.  Mike’s family and friends have taken to Facebook to look for help.WHMikesStory1

On April 9th , 2017 Mike explains “how the Frac Sand Mine company next to him is aware he has had a horse die and his dogs have gotten really sick after they gained access to water.”

Mike and his family are not able to drink, bath or use any of their water at their home. Mike does not want to move he loves his home. He just wants to be able to have safe water for his family.

Mike states the water is now “19.9 parts per / twice the drinking limit on arsenic levels before the pics but after they started using neighbors well!”

Wisconsin has 128  Industrial Sand Facilities (Mines, Processing & Rail Loading) located whitehallapril13in our state. With little regulation due to the “Frac Sand Boom”

“If we can water our horses and pets not to mention laundry and dishes would be great!”

On April 13 Mike spotted this in his neighborhood

WHMikesstory2The blasting from frac sand mining tends to drive heavy metals into our groundwater….not good at all. The frac sand is a natural water filter, percolating rain water as it seeps deep into our aquifer…..much like a coffee filter. Blasting poison into our water supply and subsequently removing the natural filter that cleans the water is insanity defined.  Stated Frac Sand Awareness Admins

Trempealeau county Wisconsin Too many high capacity wells are being approved in Wisconsin. Much of this water does not return to it’s original aquifer circulation. Frac Sand Awareness

“City of Whitehall is this hydrant metered or are they getting their water for free?” stated Mikewhitehallhydrant

In a YouTube made by a family friend on April 13 , 2017shows the water from their faucet in their home. 

To stay aware of the Frac Sand Mines in Wisconsin and surrounding areas please give Frac Sand Awareness a Like  https://www.facebook.com/FracingInWisconsin/

Map courtesy of DNR


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