I have been asked to start a PayPal for individuals who want to support me! Here is tOLB Nighthe link to directly support my work. Thank you so much you all inspire me to keep getting our voices heard !

Milwaukee Foreclosed HomesThis was a march for foreclosed homes in the Milwaukee area. With Occupy the Hood MKE and Occupy Riverwest

Over the last five years going from mom to “gramma” I have found a deep passion for helping where I can to secure and make awareness to so many things that “main stream media” ignores , tells “its” truth depending which big $$ company owns them.I have learned to be a

Fond Du Lac Wi

videoagrapher,photographer, and blog . I have met many people around the US in my adventures. Please help fund me here

This “help” has been in the form of getting out “our voices” by traveling to venues, actions, meetings regarding  our privledge as Americans to be free and holding people in power accountable for their actions.


I am ready to commit to the next step to make your voice heard on the ground ! With your help we will be able to host people in the camper and make  our own  media coverage .

Please feel free to contact me if their is a an area you feel needs coverage and awareness in the US. Lets be the Grammas and Grandpas this generation will not forget !

St Louis

Camper and Gas by Gramma  Kellie  – GoFundMe

Grammas Adventures in Life

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