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Madison Supporters Strike Again

Do not let the quietness in the Capitol City of Wisconsin fool you! The people from Madison are always creating an atmosphere of hope and strength, from the echos of the walls in the Capitol where the Solidarity Singers can be found, to the jingling of bells from a Santa without a Chimney and if you scurry outside around town you will see the OM Tiny Home Village and for the homeless. While MAMA (Madison Action Mining Alternative) is right around the corner spreading the word!

leslieAfter visiting Standing Rock Leslie  Amsterdam used her love for photography and created an event with other locals to help raise funds for firewood and the medics Continue reading Madison Supporters Strike Again

Love to the Digital Warriors

Surveillance & Intimidation

Freedom of Speech comes with a cost in America. I have been speaking out against occupywi“wrongs” done to us the people since 2011. On many occasions in getting our voices heard my phones, computors, and infiltrators in the different causes using disruption tactics. Along with this, comes the self realization, maybe I better tell a family member some of what I see and know “just in case”. Their we’re many significant attempts on social media to hinder our voices and stall us. YouTube of Myron &Shiye’ droning documentation a must watch video! Continue reading Love to the Digital Warriors

OLB Goes to Chicago

To celebrate a one year anniversary in solidarity with OWS. People from Overpass Light Brigade and Occupy Wisconsin (Reoccupied) took to the streets with Occupy Chicago last…some “we’re boots on the ground” some of us we’re virtual….making sure our voices are seen and heard….This is an amazing picture from @sean Patrick in Chicago — with Lane Hall, Sara Blackthorne, Chaous Riddle and Joe Brusky.

September 17,2012
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