Occupy Wisconsin

gaI created a website years ago during the Recall Walker era. It was named OccupyWI. This is a picture of many of the people from Wisconsin I met doing the #peopleswork during the “Ocuppy” era. We also have  a Fb page called Occupy WI In which admins from across the state post on daily. 2012 Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

“These are organizers from around the state of Wisconsin. These people have grown over the years to make changes in Wisconsin and do foot work in many areas Voter Suppresion, OLB, Workers.org, Union reps, Madison Tiny Village for Homeless, Uprising in Milwaukee”

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During this time I did a lot fo work coordinating and organizing with cities across Wisconsin  More about me here

Bryan from Workers World Party

. We organized and coordianted on many marches, actions, and protests in the communities covering topics such as





  • Banks Bailed Out

    OLB Founders Joe Brusky & Lane Hall
  • Profits Over People
  • Homelessness
  • Racism
  • Police Brutality
  • Recall Walker
  • Enviormental Issues
  • Unions
  • Teachers
  • Wars
Face Paint for the March

We held community based general assemblies and brought back communication and action in communities.We oranized a grass roots General Assembly and passed votes on ideas and thoughts.
Here are snipets of the old Occupy Wi website. Ironically as we are directly dealing with the 7th generation Prophecy this year. I found this

The Chief understood genocide. He no doubt foresaw a day in future when the white racists would come after his 7th generation to kill them, as they had killed the men, women and children who had come before. Settled in the sloughs, they would at least have food and water, until the end came.

I also found some history on the homelessness fight in Madison  

Along with this from the idle no more era

Occupy wi was created during the OWS uprising and during the middle of the Recall Walker uprising here in Wisconsin

At OccupyWI we also kept awareness in the Frac Sand , Pipelines

This was an article on the derailment

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