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In 2012 I questoned our reasoning for our wars overseas. As a previous Navy Wife and nato8mother of 2 sons, and 2 brothers who have served in wars, along with all my uncles, and my great grandfather served in WW1. I decided it was time to make a stand . We need to atnatotake care of “us” at home. With the banks being bailed out instead of the people, homlesness on the rise, veterans being forgotten, and not enough money spent inside the U.S to take care of all of our communitites. It is my time to give back and be that voice!

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“The main anti-war march at the Chicago Nato summit was marred by clashes between police and protesters, with several people injured and 45 arrests.

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Thousands of people marched towards McCormick Place in the downtown area of the city, where 51 world leaders are meeting for the two-day summit.

However, the demonstration on Sunday ended in ugly scenes as police used batons to control the crowd. The violence came as a fifth person was charged with terrorism-related offences in in relation to alleged plots to disrupt the summit.

Sunday’s demonstration was the largest anti-war protest so far, after days of marches and protests in the city centre.

Gathering at Grant Park, thousands of protesters set off south towards the site of the summit, led by around 20 Iraq veterans against the war” the Gaurdian


2012 Chicago Summit Several thousand protestors marched through downtown Chicago until they reached as close as they could to the buildings where the NATO leaders were meeting

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