Fracking and Earthquakes

This week on Tuesday in an area where ten sites have drilled the U.K. Has confirmed another earthquake only a few miles from these sites. In December production started from the new Gas Platform Drill site called the Cygnus field. Frack explains this the largest earthquake in that area in almost a decade. The Ring of Fire is another source when discussing earthquakes

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 One More Frac Sand Mine Project in Western Wisconsin

One more Frac Sand Mine Project in Western Wisconsin. When will it be enough ? We have 128 Already! Meteor says it can create 100 jobs but would have to eliminate 16.6 acres of wetlands! Now that’s a trade off!! #NOMeteor

Geers cited “DNR figures showing employment in sand mining peaked at 840 with 27 facilities ijacksoncon 2014 followed by 249 layoffs at five facilities in 2015.”

In the last 10 years “The Department of Natural Resources has issued 60 wetlands permits to sand operators, which allowed for the destruction of 26 acres of wetlands”

Wisconsin’s hillsides  with “frac sand” is used to prop open fissures in the earth which creates an escape route for natural gas. A single well can require 2,000 tons of sand over its lifetime.
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Funding for Camper

I would like to Thank everyone for all the support and love !

camper1As this journey keeps teaching us more about everday communities and life. Our voices are making a differences and we are learning real “on the ground” concerns and issues.

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People Over Frac Sand Mines

Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear the issues on the Frac Sand mining permit dispute on January 11 . This will be the first of its kind in Wisconsin.Trempealeau County and all of Wisconsin watches closely to see if control from the citizens is taken away on how conditional use zoning permits are allowed. This will greatly impact how the Frac Sand Mine companies do business in Wisconsin

“AllEnergy’s is also asking the court to create a new rule that would require permits be issued if a company has met conditions set by a local government. ”

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New Years Eve in New York

Feel the ❤️people ! Nice to see us go out with great intensity on a subject not nynewyevespoken enough about our #water and peoples rights! The government is here to serve us “the people” when they no longer do that and do not protect us ! They are no longer a government for the people and by the people !

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Courtesy of FB Post from Indigenous Environmental Network added a new video: Times Square NODAPL Electronic Billboard.·


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