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Rubber  Bullet Injures Another Eye @ Standing Rock

Steven Jeffrey Chrisjohn  videographer recently returned to Standing Rock just in time to enjoy more peaceful prayer ,song ,and another night of teargas, rubber bullets and nonstop air noise from helicopters and/or airplanes overhead.

“Got pegged about 20 ft away eaflier by a rubber bullet…looking like a good shiner in the works” Harry Benedict share with us on Facebook

Standing rock water protectors know this is not a new tactic from the Morton County Sheriffs Department as we have all watched Sioux story on losing her eyesight to a rubber bullet previously from the police standoffs against unarmed waterprotecters  We  watched devastating moments ,hours and days of Sioux horrific story on not being able to quickly get to medical care to save her eyesight. Continue reading Rubber  Bullet Injures Another Eye @ Standing Rock

7th Generation Stands Firm

While the 7th generation stands firm at #StandingRock ! The new fire and camp is now nodapllights2Oceti Oyate #ocetiOyate .We must remember the struggle is not over! With private messages like this coming to light .December 2016 Continue reading 7th Generation Stands Firm