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The Day White People Call Thanksgiving

One Mans Journey at #standingrock.

Sanctioned Actions of Prayer & Love at Turtle Island in North Dakota

There were three actions, one was an action at the “Bridge,” another at “Turtle Island” & “a drill,” in case the camp was invaded.

Photo Courtesy of Chandler Hall

The private security force, military & police were divided, there was only a small force at Turtle Island. The intent there was to put a small bridge across so people can cross the river, to pray in this sacred place. The military & police lacking the numbers at this sacred place, that looked like a large turtle, were threatening to use live ammo! It was authorized by the governor to do so, so it was their call. When I heard this, I knew that is where I was needed the most. Fully intending to be a shield, to protect the others, I was ready to die that day.


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