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Marsy’s Law & Waterprotectors

Marsy’s Law ! What is it and how does it relate to the #waterprotectors ?

Dr. Nicholas sister in 1983 was stalked and killed by her boyfriend in Santa Barbara. Dr.Nicholas pushed this law with good intent for victims against rapist, murders, and domestic violence victims. Unfortunately this law being pushed is also being used against “victims”such as the peaceful unarmed people at #StandingRock .  Continue reading Marsy’s Law & Waterprotectors

The Day White People Call Thanksgiving

One Mans Journey at #standingrock.

Sanctioned Actions of Prayer & Love at Turtle Island in North Dakota

There were three actions, one was an action at the “Bridge,” another at “Turtle Island” & “a drill,” in case the camp was invaded.

Photo Courtesy of Chandler Hall

The private security force, military & police were divided, there was only a small force at Turtle Island. The intent there was to put a small bridge across so people can cross the river, to pray in this sacred place. The military & police lacking the numbers at this sacred place, that looked like a large turtle, were threatening to use live ammo! It was authorized by the governor to do so, so it was their call. When I heard this, I knew that is where I was needed the most. Fully intending to be a shield, to protect the others, I was ready to die that day.


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