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Scarlotte & The StandingRock School

Scarlotte age 10 came from Colorado she is now a Standing Rock resident . She is learning how to update on social media . Tonight her story is on drones. Michaels full video of Scarlottes Update  HERE

“Really annoying drone over our heads right now. Scarlotte says the drone has been zooming around all night and all morning along with the helicopters. Scarlotte thinks it’s great they have armor when can use it at school to. When the bully’s try to hurt us we won’t get hurt! The helicopters are flying over us and it’s suppose to be a no fly zone! “

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Funding for Camper

I would like to Thank everyone for all the support and love !

camper1As this journey keeps teaching us more about everday communities and life. Our voices are making a differences and we are learning real “on the ground” concerns and issues.

Camper and Gas by Gramma  Kellie  – GoFundMe

I have been asked to start a PayPal for individuals who want to support me! Here is tOLB Nighthe link to directly support my work. Thank you so much you all inspire me to keep getting our voices heard !

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